HENEK FPS HLV-1200 vs Competitor – Head to Head Vacuum Dehydrator Test

How does our HENEK FPS HLV-1200 vacuum dehydrator stand up against the competition?

A customer decided to put it to the test!

HENEK FPS HLV-1200 Lo-Vac Rental unit


This real-world test generated invaluable information that now allows us to predict the performance of the Henek Fluid Purity Systems HLV-1200 dehydrator with extreme accuracy. On Wednesday, 2-13-19, the customer provided a 500 gallon, cone bottomed tote, of Shell Omala ISO 460 gear oil directly from the “A” System reservoir. This allowed us to process the contaminated lube oil as a representative field test sample from/in the Mill’s working environment. As discussed, our predictions will err on the conservative side.

TEST DETAILS: (All times are local = Central Time Zone)

At 9:30 A.M., the HENEK FPS HLV-1200 dehydrator was pressure-fed from the ultimate bottom of a cone bottomed tank via an air operated diaphragm pump with a starting oil temperature of 70F. The HLV-1200 heated the tank to 130F by 11:30 A.M. at which time 15 gallons of water was added to the already contaminated product. The vacuum pump was left off so as to not remove any water, we were simply circulating to emulsify the water and heat the oil in preparation for testing. The vacuum pump was turned on/introduced at “Go Time”.

SIDEBAR: The HENEK FPS heaters are low watt density, explosion-proof and multiples in series (banked and staged) so that we always have heat available, unlike our competition who has a single heater for a potential catastrophic failure leaving the customer without process capability. As you know, heat is the secondary ingredient for water removal. If you have no heat you are dead in the water. Additionally, the HENEK heaters are flow permissive, interlocked with the discharge pump, over temp protected an have silicon control relays (SCR’s) to eliminate the possibility of heater contactors failing closed and the heaters “running away”. The competition has what protections? Very important to know.

This allowed us to heat and aggressively emulsify the lube oil/water mixture to give the most difficult challenge to the HENEK unit. Our philosophy was that we wanted to hit the curveball. As fate would have it, we were unknowingly served a hard, high, fast curveball! It turns out, the Omala product does not lend itself to separation (no demulsibility) and is not as friendly to dehydration as the Molina product, which our competition was served. Additionally, our competition utilized a 50 GPM unit, whereas we processed with a 20 GPM unit.

As our test run commenced, we quantified the water in oil content with a Hydro-Scout to establish our baseline. We confirmed that the total water content of the process tank was 3% by volume = 15 gallons of water in 500 gallons of oil. (500 x .03 = 15 Gallons)


For comparison purposes, that would be 30,000 PPM (.03 x 1,000,000 = 30,000 PPM) 3% expressed as a decimal is .03.

Customer stated that the new dehydration system MUST be able to reduce a 3% water content in 8000 gallons of ISO 460 to Less than 1% in 24 hours. That equals 240 gallons of water in the 8000 gallons of oil. (8000 x .03 = 240 gallons of water)

Based on our test results, the Henek unit removed 5 gallons per hour of water (15 gallons in 3 hours = 15 divided by 3 = 5 GPH)


With the test results in and the numbers at hand, the time to process 8000 gallons of ISO 460 with 3% water content is:

  • 48 Hours for HENEK at 20 GPM (1200 Gallons Per Hour) 5 GPH Water Removal Rate = 240 Gallons / 5 GPH = 48 Hours
  • 218.2 Hours for the Competition at 50 GPM (3000 Gallons Per Hour) 1.1 GPH Water Removal Rate = 240 Gallons / 1.1 GPH = 218.18 Hours

2 Days for the Henek unit at 20 GPM vs 9.09 Days for the Competitor at 50 GPM.


Bottom line is that the HENEK FPS HLV-1200 unit processed the 500 gallons of Omala with 3% water in 3 hours. Whereas, the competition took 12 hours to process 500 gallons of Molina with 3% water oil. To make the testing as comparable as possible both units started the vacuum process at 130F with 3% emulsified water content in the oil.


To meet the performance scope of processing 8000 gallons of ISO 460 oil with a 3% water content in 24 hours to <1%, we will propose a 40 GPM HENEK HLV-2400 (2400 gallon per hour) system with upgrades including, but not limited the HART compatible PLC control system


The HENEK FPS HLV-1200 was far superior to the competition! This superiority is evidenced by the powerful Water Removal Rate of 5 GPH vs 1.1 GPH of the competition. Amazingly enough, that was with the HENEK unit running at only 40% of the competitor’s process flow rate. (20 GPM HENEK flow rate is 40% of 50 GPM competitors flow rate, 20/50 = .4 = 40%)

**Based on original work by Rob Estill

Our Water Removal Rate is a full 88% faster than the competition!